Cuckolding Fetish Introduction, Many Men Get Turned on by a Hot Wife Sleeping Around - Much like you, I still can't figure out why


Cuckolding is a term that applies to the general arrangement where a man is faithful to a woman that enjoys multiple sexual partners.

The cuckolding fetish is a concept that is open to a wide array of interpretations from simple exhibitionism or voyeurism to kinky degradation,  erotic humiliation, bisexuality and group sex, feminization, and almost every flavor of female domination.

The first known usage of the word “cuckold” was in a poem from around 1250, so this is an old kink!  But the term cuckolding has been enjoying a recent revival since the internet starting bringing a broader array of porn to the masses.

Personally, I love exploring this fetish for all the fun psychological possibilities it presents.  And cuckolding is especially adaptable to phone sex.  Maybe we role play as a loving adventurous couple where you are my devoted husband who wants me to get all the pleasure in life I deserve.  Or maybe I am whispering to you about the real man I fucked last night and the many ways in which you could never measure up.  There are so many delicious twists and turns possible.  This fetish has room for so many layers of emotion and shame and humiliation and sensuality.

Cuckolding is an ideal arrangement for a Goddess Mistress like me to have multiple men focused on my pleasure.

I always enjoy fun

cuckolding phone sex

whether we are

keeping it light and playful

or getting

wicked and filthy.

I even enjoy the fantasies that get downright cruel.  So don’t be shy when you call and confess your weaknesses and appetites.  You tell me where your dirty mind has been wandering lately and I will tell you about my mind-blowing sexual adventures.

Share your favorite cuckolding possibilities in the comments section below.  And then call me so we can create a fun cuckolding phone sex scene together.

Mistress June

Your cuckolding Goddess

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2 thoughts on “Cuckolding Fetish Introduction, Many Men Get Turned on by a Hot Wife Sleeping Around

  • March 29, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Ms June,

    When you roll play this scenario with me, it feels so real. You weave such a scene, it excites me thinking about it. You are so special and help me give in to the things I’ve had buried deep. You know me without words having been spoken.

    Thank you Mistress

    • March 29, 2013 at 10:53 am

      :) You are fun to play with, cucky! Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. I love hearing from you.


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