​NiteFlirt ​Policies ​& Preferences

This page lists information related to the phone sex platform, NiteFlirt.  These are my personal preferences, not the official policies of NiteFlirt.  You may read NiteFlirt official policies hereAnd you will find my NiteFlirt phone sex listings here.​

Call reports

If you would like to work with me repeatedly over time, I very much appreciate brief call reports.  I do not take notes during our calls.  I am right there in the scenes with you.  So it is super helpful if you take some time after our call to write down some of the events of our call and send them to me in an email titled, “Call report from (your name) for call on (date of the call).”  If you are an orgasm control or chastity caller, be sure to note whether or not you were allowed a release during that call.  Also, please note any instructions I might have given or any purchases we discussed.  Thank you!

Text Chatting

I enjoy the NiteFlirt text chatting feature and find it useful, but if time is of the essence, please email information as well as texting it.  Sometimes I check texts most frequently, sometimes I check email most frequently.  You are best off covering both bases.

Also, the chat feature might show me as green or available when I am not actually there.  I leave a browser window open to NiteFlirt much of the time, but I am not always on the site.  When I am signed in for calls, you know I am there.  Any other time, you should assume I am away from my computer.


I very much appreciate feedback on NiteFlirt and I think it can help new callers feel good about calling me.  But I will never nag you or annoy you about leaving feedback.  If you can find time to do it, know that your efforts please me.  Thank you.


I have closed my wishlist for now and compiled a list of preferred tributes.  As most of you know, I recently moved.  Two results of the move … 1. I am keenly aware that I have too much stuff, so I do not need more random items.  And 2. I am also in need of specific things that had to be left behind when I moved.  Things like lawn and garden tools and supplies.  I am SO EXCITED to garden at the new place.  Yay!!

 Also, I really love shopping.  So gift cards allow you to show your devotion in a way that provides me with exactly the items I need AND allows me the fun experience of shopping.  Thank you so much for your thoughtful tributes.

 Here are my top ten favorite shops that allow you to purchase electronic gift cards.  Please send them to MsJuneStuart at gmail dot com.

 Please leave the comment area on all gift cards blank.  Thank you.


Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FIS82WQ

For everything!  I LOVE shopping on Amazon.


Apple – https://www.apple.com/shop/personalize/electronic

For fabulous electronic treats.


Aveda – https://aveda.cashstar.com/

My favorite place for salon services and products.


Coach – https://coach.cashstar.com/gift-card/buy/

Ummm….   I am addicted.  Seriously.  I love purses way too much.


Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/giftcards

Handmade high quality jewelry and art!  Yay!


Home Depot –  https://homedepot.cashstar.com/gift-card/buy/

Stuff for my garden!  I am so excited!


LeCreuset – https://www.lecreuset.com/lc-gift-card

Ooh… super nice kitchen stuff.


Nordstrom – https://shop.giftcard.nordstrom.com/gift-card/buy/

Pretty pretty clothes and shoes for me.


PetCo – https://petco.cashstar.com/gift-card/buy/

My dogs are my people.  Pamper me by pampering them.

Rough Linen –  https://www.roughlinen.com/products/gift-card



Thank you for appreciating my unusual skill set.  :)